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Nov 30

Career Day 2017

Date & time: till
Location: Zernike Campus

This activity is not organised by Cover.

Just like previous years, this year a career day will be organized for the students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. This year's Career Day will be organized by the Faculty of Science and Engineering in collaboration with the Beta Business Days. The event is aimed at the faculty's Master's students and is a preparation for your future career.

During this day you have the opportunity to discover what job suits your interests and skills best. Do you want to work at a company, the government, the media or the university as a research scientist, an entrepreneur, inventor, advisor, policy maker or science communicator? Or are you not sure what opportunities lie in store for you, outside academia? Various interesting presentations will be given and alumni will tell you about their careers to help you figure out your options and the paths open to you!

On top of that we will help you to improve your application, self presentation and communication skills so you will be fully prepared when the right opportunity comes along. There will be workshops to help you to find out who you are, to improve your soft skills and to present yourself. Please look around on the webpage for the workshops and presentations that are interesting to you.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to have your CV checked and to have a professional LinkedIn photo taken. We will end the day with networking drinks and the opportunity to talk to the alumni and representative of the companies and organzaitions taking part in our event.

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