May 04

[Online] Networking Workshop

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[Online] Networking Workshop
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Tue, May 4




The Academic Career Coach team will be giving an online workshop on how to effectively build your network while you are still studying! During this session, you will get to know handy tips and tricks for networking in general, but also nice solutions for problems we might encounter as AI/CS students, such as how to successfully advertise your portfolio website.

Workshop abstract:
Networking - "It's who you know, not what you know." We will discuss what networking is about, how valuable this skill is, and which practical methods you can apply to take steps for your professional career. We show you how you can build, develop and use your network in your situation. Are you ready for your next step? Then come to our webinar so that you can acquire practical tools and an effective strategy to get started with your network and career.

Pay close attention at this workshop, as the information you get here might be very useful at the Career Day!

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