May 03

[Online] Lecture: Data-encryption

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[Online] Lecture: Data-encryption

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Mon, May 3



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One Time Pad (OTP) is an almost forgotten form of encryption. This noise-based encryption is really unpopular because it is very impractical.
However, it has one special attribute: OTP is unbreakable. For internet use it is too unpractical, however, it is still being used by various security services. In times where quantum computers can break every encryption, the unbreakability of OTP becomes interesting...
On the 3rd of May, from 19:00 until 21:00, together with an SAP Security Consultant we will learn everything about the miraculous world of the origin and the use of OTP. We will look into two different hacks, which shouldn’t be able to work but did with the help of data analysis. After the lecture, you will receive all the tools and data you would need to try to crack the encryptions yourself.

This activity is organised by Flow, the Study Association for Communication & Information Sciences (CIS), Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (CSAI), and Data Science & Society (DSS) at Tilburg University.

Will you be able to find the secret message?

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