May 20

[Online] Career Day: Exellys

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[Online] Career Day: Exellys
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Thu, May 20


Gather Town



Exellys is a tech talent incubator, headquartered in Belgium but now also located in Amsterdam. Joining Exellys as an AI/CS graduate means you will be guided to become the effective young professional you aspire to be, through intensive coaching and training on both soft- and technical skills.

"Our single mission is to attract, develop and retain the finest tech talent in large and medium-sized companies and major tech start-ups. We incubate tech talent into our customers' operations of today and we prepare them for the innovations of tomorrow."

Public Speaking Workshop

Whether you’re looking to influence people, crack a business deal, or win a promotion, good presentation skills are essential.

Being able to give a good presentation is one of the best skills to get you ahead. Whether you’re presenting your ideas to a prospect or pitching a new app in the boardroom, strong presentation skills are a must for both c-level executives and developers (and all function titles in between)! Top-notch skills can help you capture your audience, boost your role within a team and impress everyone from your clients to your own manager.

We’ll show you why it’s essential to focus on sharpening your presentation skills if you want to succeed in today’s business climate and teach you several practical tricks to improve the quality of your presentations, whether you are presenting yourself during a job interview, demoing a product, or trying to land that all-important promotion.

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