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Cover Gala

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Cover Gala
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Wed, Dec 16



The Cover Gala has been organized for quite some years now, so why let the coronavirus stop it?
On the 16th of December the Cover Gala will take place, but how is this possible with the whole covid situation???

You can sign-up together with a maximum of two other people and then we will deliver a nice fancy three-course(!) dinner to you! Before the event, there will also be a wine pick-up in the same way as with the socials, so you will recieve an email about the location, time and date later. Don't forget to dress up nice and fancy!

Can't find someone, or want to be surprised? We can set you up! If you have a room available where others can join you, let us know using the sign-up form.
The sign-ups will open on Monday December 7th at 20.00 and close on Friday December 11th at 23.59, so be ready! The price will be announced when the sign-ups open.
Also, if you want to take a +1 outside of Cover, you can!
Unfortunately, because of the delivery, you do need to be in Groningen for the delivery.

We are looking forward to it and hope you are as well!
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