December 09

[Online] Exellys Lunch Lecture

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[Online] Exellys Lunch Lecture
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Wed, Dec 9


BB Collaborate



IoT @ home: simplify your life with Raspberry Pi

In this lecture we will have a look at the distinctive properties of several microcontrollers and their added value for home automation projects.

What do you need to get started yourself? What are some of the most accessible projects out there to get the ball rolling? How can you best expand your current skill set to compensate for your growing interest in IoT and home automation? These and many more questions will be answered during the lecture.

Finally, there will be some time to discuss project ideas from the audience as well, ranging from software implementation to hardware specification and everything in between.

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We will offer lunch to the first 20 people to sign up! It will be delivered before the lecture (11:30 at the lastest). Delivery is restricted to the city of Groningen. If the signups are full/closed, you can still attend the lecture!

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