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Nov 23

[Online] ASML Lunch Lecture

Date & time: till
Location: BB Collaborate

Day in the Life of a Software engineer@ASML

Maria Albuquerque was born in Belo Horizonte – Brazil, where she studied, worked and was living until march/2019, when she moved to The Netherlands.

She has worked with software development since 2008 and she has obtained a degree in Computer Engineering in between, in 2014.

At ASML, she is a software engineer within Metrology department. Her main responsibility is to create and maintain software (in C/C++/Python) based on mathematical models, in order to provide more quality and efficiency to the Twinscan machine. On a daily basis, she writes/maintains/reviews code, together with tests, documentation and a whole process to make sure the Twinscan continues operating and bringing value to the customer. She thinks her main motivation is to contribute to a high technologic and very valuable product, in an international environment and full of challenges and smart people whom she can learn with.

Since a Lunch Lecture is not complete without some food, we will offer a nice, delivered lunch to the first 20 people to sign up! Delivery is restricted to the city of Groningen. If you do not sign up, it is still possible to attend the lecture.

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Placed by: ComExA

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