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Sep 16

CoverTalks: Stephen Wolfram

Date & time: till
Location: Blackboard Collaborate, Cover Nestor page

Stephen Wolfram addresses the Rug AI/CS class of 2020
"As far as I’m concerned, its intellectual core [computational thinking] is about formulating things with enough clarity, and in a systematic enough way, that one can tell a computer how to do them."

Apart from being the founder and CEO of the software company Wolfram Research where he worked as chief designer of Mathematica and the Wolfram Alpha answer engine, Stephen Wolfram is also a computer scientist, physicist, and entrepreneur.

His recent work has been on knowledge-based programming, expanding and refining the Wolfram Language, which is the programming language of the mathematical symbolic computation program Mathematica. During this talk, he will elaborate on his work and his insights with regards to AI and CS. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to interact with a distinguished scientist, technologist and entrepreneur, who has devoted his career to the development and application of computational thinking.
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