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Sep 17

5kcee presents: Beachside Bonanza!

Date & time: till

Are you tired of having to sit inside all the time?
Do you miss meeting up with your friends as much as we do?
Are you looking forward to starting the new year with a bang?

If your answer to all these questions was yes, then look no further: the 5kCee is organizing a big event for all Cover members! The exact date is not yet finalized, but the event will take place in September.

So what can you expect?
The perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends after not seeing each other for so long! Shake your quarantine-atrophied booty muscles to the tunes of DJs and live bands, mellow out in a relaxation zone, or dominate everyone else in a game of choice. In other words, a tropical festival at the beach with live music, beer and fun activities.

Free admission, no sign-ups required, +1's allowed

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Placed by: 5kCee