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May 09

Minecraft Ultra HardCore Tournament

Date & time: till

Ladies and Gentleman, our third tournament was decided by you. The last minute votes did not change yesterdays front runner but only confirm it. So hereby I can inform you that upcoming weekend (9th and possibly 10th of May) we will be having a Minecraft Ultra HardCore tournament!

The schedule will be somewhat the same as the previous tournaments: 15:30 – setup check, 16:00 start of tournament, 18:30 dinner break, and around 20:00 it will be picked up again. We have gained some EXP from the last two tournaments and plan to be more informative on the intended schedule.
Minecraft Ultra HardCore is a battle royale style where you start with nothing, gear up and kill everyone last man standing. Depending on how long elimination will take we either have multiple rounds on Saturday or a final on Sunday with those who survived Saturday.

Sign-ups have now opened:

Placed by: LCDee

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