February 06

Beta Business Days Startup Competition

Event information

Beta Business Days Startup Competition

Date Time

Thu, Feb 6


Start-up City, Kadijk 4



On February 6th, the Beta Business Days will organise the Startup Competition. During this competition, the University of Groningen will provide a patent that is owned by the FSE, which gives students the opportunity to work on product design and marketing/business plans based on these patents.

The UG has many research groups that are discovering new things every day, and the effect of this is that the UG has many patents. Not all of the patents are developed into a new company or study, but they do have potential.

The event will start at 17:00 at the Start-up City (Kadijk 4) and will end around 22:00.

Before the competition will start, Peter Verstrate (COO at Mosa Meat) will give a presentation. Mosa Meat is a cultured meat startup, originated from a patent. https://www.mosameat.com/

Victor Stoica (Business Development Manager at the UG) will provide a brief explanation of the patent and the requirements and expectations of the competition. Guided by tutors, the teams will brainstorm about how to make the product, how to improve the product, who could make a prototype and who could fabricate it. At the end of the evening, every team will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and the best idea will win a prize of €400,-. Each participant of the running up team will receive a €25,- gift card.

During the competition, coffee, tea, soda, and snacks will be provided, and there will be a dinner break. Participation is free and for all students of the FSE and TeMa. No prior experience or knowledge is required; your creative mind is enough!

So are you curious about the business side of science and how to set up a company? Then apply in a team (4-5 students), in a pair or by yourself and join us on the 6th of February!

Apply by emailing to startup@betabusinessdays.nl.

Mention in your email:

First and surnames
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Studies and which year all participants are in