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Feb 05

Lunch Lecture AIVD together with FMF

Date & time: till
Location: BB 5161.0267

Christmas break is well over and we are ready to kick off the Comexa year with an extra exciting lunch lecture! Wednesday, the 5th of February, the AIVD is coming to give us and our fellow nerds from FMF a lecture. For those that do not know this, the AIVD is the Dutch central intelligence service. Its entire existence is shrouded in secrets and mystery, so we are extra excited to have them with us as our first activity in the new year. The subject, as much of the things they do, is still a secret, but we will let you know as soon as we know. Of course, this message is only for people with level 4 security clearance. If you are below level 4 security but cán see this message, please contact your supervisor. Also, there are 20 spots so be quick to sign up. Since it is a lunch lecture, sandwiches will be provided at the end of the lecture. Hope to see you there!

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UPDATE: The room will be big enough for 45 Cover members, so claim your spot while you still can!

Placed by: ComExA

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