December 09

Lunch Lecture RDW

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Lunch Lecture RDW

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Mon, Dec 9, 2019


EA 0110



The 2015 Dieselgate scandal:
It was found that over 10 million cars produced by Volkswagen used a software that tricked emission tests by only limiting the emissions produced during test mode. What exactly did this software do and how can we develop a system that is able to detect such fraudulent tricks?
Gerald Hekkelman is a RUG alumnus who works at the Dutch Vehicle Authority, RDW, as a data scientist. Join us on the 9th of December at 11.00 when he will help us get a better understanding on how we can use statistical models on Big Data to detect cases such as the 2015 Dieselgate scandal.

Afterward, we can all enjoy lunch together and discuss what we learned.