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Oct 15

Lunch Lecture ASML

Date & time:
Location: EA 5159.0010

Pushing the boundaries of technology

Computer chips are everywhere, and almost every single one of them will have passed an ASML lithography machine during its manufacturing process. ASML, based in Veldhoven, makes chip-making machines of unparalleled precision and performance.

One year ago, Symen Jousma left Groningen to work for ASML in Eindhoven. As an Application Engineer, he now works together with all the world's major chip manufacturers to help them improve and optimize their lithography process. This means analyzing large sets of data, finding (error) patterns and regularly travel the world to deliver customer-specific solutions.

During his talk, he will explain the technologies that underpin ASML machines as well as highlight the software that is involved. His talk is meant to give an insight into what it is like to try and push the boundaries of technology and answer your questions on what it is like to work for one of the major high-tech players in the world.

Afterward, we can all enjoy lunch together and discuss what we learned.

Placed by: ComExA

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