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Jul 05

Large LAMA: BBQ at Hoornseplas

Date & time: till
Location: Hoornseplas (Kaapse Baan 1, 9752 XP, Haren)

Please note that this event is based on invitations.

It's time to thank all the members that were active in a committee this year!

As a board we want to thank everybody that made the effort for keeping Cover this awesome by doing a committee. We'll be doing this in the traditional way, by organizing a free barbecue at the Hoornsemeer. Aside from the barbecue we've also arranged a bunch of fun activities (on which more info will follow later). So block the spot in your agenda and come join us on this (hopefully sunny) and relaxed event!

Please sign up for the LLAMA below so we can do proper purchases.

Placed by: Board