February 04

Function Discussion: Secretary

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Function Discussion: Secretary

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Mon, Feb 4, 2019


Cover Room



Did you know that secretaries have to type out everything meeting' attendees are saying?
Did you know that secretaries read more mails per week than there are citizens in Vatican City?
Did you know that secretaries have more muscles in their fingers than a normal human in their entire body?

You probably did not know about these facts! This is because those are made up. If you are interested in what secretaries are actually doing, what they are responsible for, and what they are regularly messing up, come and join us to a fun and interesting event where we share experience, ideas and embarrassing moments! No matter if you are a secretary currently; if you are interested in becoming one; if you were a secretary once in your life; or, merely out of interest, you are welcome to join. Our goal is to document, to discuss and to entertain during this event!

This is our pilot event of our Function Discussions™️ series. For more information, please do not hesitate and ask the board.