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Dec 13

TAD Talk: Reconcept

Date & time:
Location: Cover Room

Startups, Snacks & Beers

What is it like to work in a startup-like environment where your work is not just cut out for you, and every day has different challenges?

Working in a startup is never straightforward, because you (try to) go where no one has gone before. What does it mean to work in a team where no one is 'just a developer' and every one is responsible for the future of the business? How do you define and hold on to a clear vision as a development team?

Jürgen Visser, founder and CTO of Reconcept, shares from experience the challenges of balancing great amounts of freedom and ever present uncertainties of a startup business.

Come join us in the Cover Room for a few free beers, some snacks and interesting insights.

Placed by: ComExA

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