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Dec 07

Meet the Researchers

Date & time: till
Location: BB 5161.0151

Meet the Researchers is an opportunity to engage with various researchers within the AI and CS departments. Each researcher will give a small introduction about how they got onto their field and a small presentation about their research to inspire your interest in the various fields within AI and CS. The event will conclude with a small drinks outside BB 5161.0151.

13:00-13:30 Dr. Jennifer Spenader
13:30-14:00 Ben Wolf (MSc.)
14:00-14:30 Dr. George Azzopardi
14:30-15:00 Dr. Michael Wilkinson
15:30-16:00 Dr. Frank Brokken
16:00-16:30 Prof. dr. Raffaella Carloni
16:30-17:00 Prof. dr. Niels Taatgen

Placed by: IlluminaTee

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