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Oct 15

The Big AI Show - AI Challenge

Date & time: till
Location: Grand Theatre, Grote Markt 35, 9711 LV, Groningen

This activity is not organised by Cover.

For the first event of the IlluminaTee we are making sure that The Big AI show is free to attend for our members by paying the entrance fee. The talk will cover the challenges of AI including the benefits and drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence as well as it's applications.

The event begins at 19:30 at the Grand Theatre. Talks include the benefits, drawbacks, and challenges of data collecting; our ability to imitate human intelligence; and finding the next big hit song using neural networks. The host, Bram Douwes, has presented several shows in Groningen including "Stand van Stad" and was previously a researcher for "Zondag met Lubach".

More information about the event itself can be found at

Placed by: IlluminaTee

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