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Sep 17

Bommen Berend

Date & time: till

Every year, the city of Groningen celebrates The Siege of Groningen. This was a battle that took place in 1672, between Groningen and Bernhard von Galen, bishop form Münster. The bishop has as nickname “Bommen Berend”, due to his excessive use of bombs (Dutch: bommen). They celebrate this victory on 28 August, where they eat the “Groote Maaltijd”. This meal consists of sauerkraut, the bishop’s favourite meal, and a big meatball: the “Bommen Berend Bom”.

We also would like to celebrate this day, but perhaps leaving out the sauerkraut. Therefore we hereby invite you to a battle, where we have swapped the bombs with laser guns. This battle will take place at our beloved Zernike and you can come and leave whenever you want. Don’t forget that people can play dirty, so don’t wear your nicest clothes.

For more information and registration, check out our website!

Placed by: LustrumCee

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