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Jun 04

General Assembly

Date & time:
Location: Cafe De Walrus, Pelsterstraat 25

The last general assembly before the summer is almost here! We'll discuss the budget and year schedule for next year, but also a revised version of the long term plan. Don't forget the candidate board is also up for approval during this GA!

A short summary can be found below, but also please read the documents (which can be found on the sd).

Year Schedule '18-'19

In the year schedule you can find when activities are planned. Some of them are set on a certain date and other are just scheduled for a certain week. You can also find how many activities each committee has. This has been put together by Marie-Claire (our commissioner of internal affairs). She discussed with the various committees what works best and came to this result.

Budget '18-'19

This will be the budget for next year, so you can find in here how much money we have to spend and what we are going to spend it on. Because this is made by Nico (our treasurer) in collaboration with the committees, there is still some room for the treasurer of next year to make changes during the September GA. However this does not mean that this isn't important because next year we have a lot of extra money to spend! This money has been distributed over different committees and activities.

Long Term Plan

After discussing the first version of the long term plan during the last GA we decided to have a brainstorm with the board. During that brainstorm we got a ton of useful input and we used that input to rewrite the document. We think the current plan is solid and we can start using it. It is very important that future boards keep adding to it and updating it.

In the long term plan we outline the goals for the next 3 to 5 years for the association. The steps on how to reach those goals are not in here because they are up to the future boards that work on it. Which also means some of these goals don't have a clear solution of how to get there, but the goals are still very important. We'd also like to stress it's important to have such a plan in place and future boards can still improve it!

During this general assembly we will be discussing the board for next year, as well as approve them. If you want to hear who  is going to run the association for academic year 2018-2019 and why, please attend the GA.

Since all these documents are up for approval please read the them as well before casting your vote during the GA!

Placed by: Board

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