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Apr 18

[CAREER] Interactive excursion HTG

Date & time: till

Departure from Zernike 13:00.
Return Zernike 18:00
Cover will take care of transportation.

On the 18th of April we will travel to Delfzijl for a excursion to HTG. The company organizes an inhouseday for Cover so you can get into contact with the young professionals that are working in IT-solutions. Next to that you've got the chance to show your talent in a challenging case about the Microsoft HoloLens. We'll end the day with drinks.

At this moment there are 60 people working at different locations in the EU and Middle East, focusing on implementing new technologies to realize the planned growth and development of HTG. One of the current technologies worked on is the Microsoft Hololens, which can greatly improve the logistic processes. Do you want to do a project on augmented reality? HTG is looking for people willing to do a thesis on the HoloLens.

Next to that, HTG is one of the first companies that have implemented the AutoStore in logistics. In this process there are 42 robots working together to collect orders. Of course we will have a look at this in Delfzijl!

During the day we will discuss:
- Tools used for predictive analysis.
- The AutoStore used to realize B2B2C-orders
- Development of the HoloLens-application to optimize orderpicking.
- The infrastructure- and applicationenvironment
- The organization and activities of the IT-division
- Possibilities of an internship or traineeship at HTG

Deadline subscribing: 11 April.
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Placed by: ComExA

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