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Mar 13

Beta Business Days 2018

Date & time: till
Location: Martiniplaza

This activity is not organised by Cover.

The Beta Business Days 2018 takes place on the 13 th and 14 th of March in MartiniPlaza. This
unique career event is the perfect opportunity to orientate yourself, find internships or even
starting your career!

Alongside activities as Business Presentations, Case Studies, Business Lunches, Individual
Interviews and a Business Expo. There will be two special activities for Cover members.

Live Blockchain Demo: Machine communication with cryptocurrency technology
Cryptocurrencies are worth billions. However, people are still not able to crack the
technology to their advantage. Everyone can see all the addresses that contain a certain
amount of coins, but only the owner of the address determines what happens with the coins.
Suppose these coins are replaced by a quantity of information. The owner of the data
determines to whom this data is sent. If encryption is applied to the data when sent, an
opportunity arises to send data through a ledger publicly and in a non-transparent way. The
owner determines who in the world receives the information. Like a transaction with
cryptocurrency, the data cannot be changed afterwards and the source is verified. This way
of sharing data makes it possible to have machines and sensors worldwide conduct both
public and private "conversations" in a safe way. During this interactive presentation we will
take a closer look at the technology behind a cryptocoin and how this technology can be
used to make devices communicate and negotiate.

Speed dating
Don’t know what company fits you best? Join the speed date session! During this activity,
you have a chance to talk to representatives of 5 different companies.
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