May 15

[Career] Lunch Lecture: KPN Consultancy Workshop Digital Transformation

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[Career] Lunch Lecture: KPN Consultancy Workshop Digital Transformation

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Mon, May 15, 2017


Bernoulliborg 222



The world changes rapidly and keeping up with technological advancements, like disruptive innovators, poses a real challenge for companies and organizations. New technologies allow companies to become more innovative, efficient and more focused on their customers. However, just trying these new technologies will not suffice so for a successful digital transformation digitalization should play a central role within the company’s strategy. KPN consulting has lots of experience guiding companies in this process and they contribute to the development of internet of things, augmented reality and cloud applications.

During the consultancy workshop digital transformation you will help a customer with his digital transformation and the challenges this brings. Knowledge about business alone will not be enough you will also need to know your way around internet of things, digital workspace, cloud and data management. Can you combine IT and strategy optimally? Then you will be the winning digital master!