May 12

Symposium: Playing Matters

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Symposium: Playing Matters

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Thu, May 12, 2016



Join us on the 12th of May for the annual Cover symposium!

A symposium is an event with a number of talks around a central theme. These talks will provide you with an insight on multiple facets of this theme, owing to a day full of interesting speakers.

Four talks will discuss several interesting aspects of games and game development at the symposium. Since everybody plays a game once in awhile, this subject will apply to you as well! The speakers will inform you about their interesting fields within gaming. Preceding these awesome talks there is a free lunch, between the talks you will be provided with coffee and tea and afterwards there will be a borrel.

Furthermore, this year the symposium will be held at the beautiful Plaza Danza in the centre of Groningen. So if you are interested in gaming and would like to gain several insights, all combined in a fully arranged day then sign up now, for free!

For more information and sign-ups (which is required for the lunch and borrel) visit our website.