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June 2017

Jun 27

Large LAMA

Cover is an association that is carried by the voluntary work of its active members. To show our gratitude for all the work that was outputted throughout the last year we are organizing an event just for our active members.

Today we will have our yearly Large Lovely Active Members Activity.
There will be food and hopefully a lot of sun!
Not only will this be a fun day, also we will announce the winner of the committee battle!
More info on the exact location, time and activities, coming soon!

Note: This activity is only open to members of committees and working groups.
Sign up here:

    July 2017

    Jul 05

    Final Activity: Boating through the canals of Groningen


    Location: Reitdiephaven, Groningen

    On July 5, it is the final activity of the ActiviTee! This time, we stay in Groningen, but on the water. We are going to cruise in longboats, through the waters of Groningen, with lots of free snacks and beer (and other drinks). The best part is that this is all FREE. We will start boating at 15:30, so please be on time.
    Then in the evening we will have our borrel/social in the Tapperij so we can close the day. smile.gif

    We hope to see you all!

    Don't forget to sign up:

      Jul 05

      Borrel: Pyjama Party

      Location: De Tapperij

      Come to the last borrel of this academic year! We're tired of learning and studying, so we are ready for lots of sleep, netflix, and more sleep. We also want to party, because we have holidays! To make your life a bit easier, you can come in your pyjama so you don't have to undress when you're going to bed.

      ps. There are free beers so you can spend your money on holidays.

        September 2017

        Sep 01

        Introduction day

        Location: Bernoulliborg


          Sep 08

          Introduction Camp


          Location: Pageda, Hoveniersweg 1, 9502 BW, Stadskanaal.


            November 2017

            Nov 21

            MxCee Trip


            Location: U.S.A.

            It's time for the trip of a lifetime! We will be visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and have a roadtrip in between! See our website for more information:

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