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October 2017

Oct 24

Study Support: Neurophysics


Location: BB 5161.0267

Are you still having problems with Neurophysics? Do you want help in preparing for you exam? During this study support session, we will be going through example questions from the Mechanics and Action Potentials sections of the reader.

    Oct 26

    Study Support: Statistics


    Location: Energy Academy 5159.0062

    Still stumbling over those statistics? Can't see the anomaly for the data? Join us for our study support session for Statistics where we will made sure your grades fit in the upper quartile and you can reject that null (grade) hypothesis!
    We will be covering all the statistical tests, how to write up your answer in the exam, as well as having a Q&A session where you can bring in your own statistical questions.

      Oct 26

      Bocktober ThuNDr

      The leaves are falling from the trees and that mean's the fall has started. Which also means it's time for the autumn bock beers, so enjoy some (bock) craft beers and snacks during Thursday 'Noon Drinks! There will be videogames, games and a general good vibe!

        Oct 27

        Visit TU Delft


        Location: Delft

        Today we will go to the university of Delft to take a look at what is happening at the research departments of the university that won Elon Musk's hyperloop competition.

        We will go by train, so we gather at the "Peerd van Ome Loeks" at the train station of Groningen at 09:00. They program in Delft will end around 19:00 and from there you can go back to Groningen or "home home".

        More information about the program will follow. You can sign up here:

          November 2017

          Nov 01

          Study Support: Introduction to Logic


          Location: BB 5161.0041b

          Having too many antics with your Semantics? Need to formalise those Informal Proofs? Join us for the study support session for Introduction to Logic!
          During this study support session, we will aim to discuss every topic in the course, with special attention going out to topics such as Semantics and Formal Proofs.

            Nov 08

            Study Support: Imperative Programming


            Location: BB 5161.0267

            Do you have any problems with the theory of Imperative Programming? Do you want help in preparing for you exam? During this study support session, we will discuss parts of an old exam and help you understand subjects that are relevant for your exam (such as recognizing the time complexity of a program).

            During this lecture, we will also shortly deal with some topics that might need a short reminder, such as the workings of recursion. There will also we the opportunity to ask questions.

              Nov 15

              SNiC: DisruptIT


              DisruptIT is the 11th conference organised by the Stichting Nationaal Informatica Congres, this year study association Cover provides the committee that will organise it and it will be held on the 15th of November.

              This year’s theme is Disruptive Technology. Disruptive Technology is technology that displaces an established technology. This will shake up the current industry or is so ground breaking that it creates its own industry. This topic is focussing on current and future technologies that will change the work field of current students. It is hard for students to predict the future of a rapidly changing market. We want to give the students a mind-changing insight into the future.

              For more information, check out

                Nov 21

                MxCee Trip


                Location: U.S.A.

                It's time for the trip of a lifetime! We will be visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and have a roadtrip in between! See our website for more information:

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