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January 2019

Jan 16

Study Support Lecture: Calculus


Location: BB 5161.0293

Getting stuck in your matrix calculations, or are you pushing your own limits trying to grasp all this 'quickmaffs'? Then come join our support lecture calculus! Here we'll go through some practice exam exercises with the whole group, and give some useful tips in preparation for the exam. Be there or B^2 !

    Jan 17

    Study Support Lecture: Signals & Systems


    Location: BB 5161.289

    In this support session we will be giving examples from the five main topics; Sinusoidal Waves, Spectrums, LTI Systems, Fourier Analysis, and Z-Transformations. These examples will be taken from previous exams and tutorial exercises.

      Jan 17

      Board Game Night


      Location: Grand Café Time Out

      Are you bored of not playing enough board games? Abort your plans on Thursday night. All aboard the Board board game night. We might have gone a bit overboard with this message, but bored Board does board board board.

      Meet with us after the TAD to go and extend the evening with board games with your friends! If you are up for a calm but fun evening, this is the right event for you. We will be at the back of Grand Café Time Out.

        Jan 23

        Study Support Lecture: Discrete Structures


        Location: BB 5161.289

        Troubles with Discrete Structures? The graphs getting confusing or don't remember all your closures? Then come to this study support lecture. Where we will overview the exam material and practice the difficult problems.

          Jan 24

          Study Support Lecture: Introduction to Logic (AI)


          Location: BB 5161.289

          Do you have any problems with Introduction to Logic? Do you want help in preparing for you exam? During this study support session, we will aim to discuss every topic in the course, with special attention going out to topics such as Semantics and Formal Proofs.

          Join this last unofficial lecture given by students who have passed this course in the past. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions.

            February 2019

            Feb 14

            Excursion Destination Announcement

            Location: Cover Room

            This year from the 26th of April till the 4th of May there will be an amazing study trip somewhere in Europe. Where, you ask? Find out at this TAD.

            There will be plenty of free drinks and snacks.

            Registrations will also open at this very moment. There are limited amount of spots available, so do not hesitate to sign up and secure yourself a spot at!