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March 2019

Mar 25

Yearbook 17-18 Release

Location: Cover room (0041a)

On this Monday, we present another yearbook that is out of time, but not out of touch! We'll bring you back to the year 2017-2018; where a sharp board started making a yearbook, heroes fought villains, and Cover went to the states!

To really get in the mood of '17-'18 there will be a short quiz on that fabulous year with a prize for you to claim!

Two down, one to go...

    Mar 27

    [Lunch Case] ING: Data Analytics


    Location: LB 5174.0178

    For the last activity in the career month, ING is organizing a case about data analytics. We all know ING as a big international bank based The Netherlands, but they are also very technology oriented. The case will be about finding fraudulent transactions in a large dataset. If you want to join you just need a little bit of python knowledge and a laptop. It will be from 11:00 to 13:00 after which we will enjoy lunch together with the organizers. Let us know if you are coming by signing up or going to the facebook event and putting yourself on 'going'. See you there!

      Mar 27

      Support Lecture Program Correctness


      Location: 5161.0041B

      No matter how long you search you can't find that invariant? going round in circles trying to make some recurrence functions? Come to our support lecture where we will be going through a past exam and helping you get through those proofs!

        Mar 27

        Open Board Meeting


        Are you interested in what the board does? The pivotal moment of a board member's working week is the Board Meeting. If you want to get the real board experience, the Open Board Meeting is a great opportunity. Everyone is welcome to join and see how the board makes decisions, handles issues and drinks lots of coffee!

        You are free to join late or leave early.

          Mar 28

          Support Lecture Advanced Logic


          Location: 5111.0080

          Having trouble with your logic rules? Is P suddenly not P anymore? It's absurd! Fortunately, the StudCee is here to provide study support! So please join our lecture where we'll recap the material, and try to answer your questions.

            April 2019

            Apr 01

            Support Lecture General Linguistics


            Location: 5161.0222

            Having issues with your syntax? Or your semantics? The StudCee is here to provide a support lecture General Linguistics! Here we'll recap the essential topics, and answer your any questions you may have.

              Apr 02

              Staff Lunch & Quiz


              Location: Cover Room

              Do you know your professors? Do the professors know you? Are you a Cover history buff? Do you know your way around the FSE? If you are confident and resounding "yes" to all these questions come to the Cover Room for lunch and win the quiz!

              For our next staff event, we will be providing lunch (as always) and a quiz to test both you and the staff on their knowledge of the faculty, Cover, computers, AI, and a whole lot more. Who knows more? Who can win? Who gets the prize?

                Apr 03

                April Social

                Location: 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

                The exams are getting close, and what's better during these stressful weeks than to relax and have a beer with your friends? An exam can be done twice, our April social can't!

                As always, the first 100 beers will be free.

                See you there!

                The Activitee

                  Apr 10

                  Support Lecture Algorithms & Datastructures in C


                  Location: 5114.0004

                  Struggling with those pesky pointers? Can't figure out your priority queues? We're here to help with a brand new support lecture! We'll be going through some past exams, answering some multiple choice questions and practicing some code. so get in line! (or queue).

                    Apr 12

                    Member Weekend


                    Location: De Elzenbeam, Heeg

                    Do you want a relaxing weekend with games, laughter, drinks and fun?

                    Then join us on the 12th of April at this year's Member weekend, this year we will go to the Elzenbeam in Heeg where we will stay for a full weekend.

                      Apr 26

                      Excursion to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest


                      This year the ExCee is going to the beautiful cities Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest! This nine-day trip wil be filled with cultural sightseeing, interesting company/university visits and fun activities. Come join us and sign up at!

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