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March 2018

Mar 21

National MasterDay AI


Location: Utrecht University

This activity is not organised by Cover.

Are you currently enrolled in a bachelor Artificial Intelligence or something in related fields?
NSVKI organizes a master information day. The AI masters of Amsterdam, Groningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht will be represented.
If you're not sure yet what kind of master you want to do, to what city you want, if you want to do a master at all and what a specific master will be like, you are more than welcome on this day!

What: Master information day
Where: Utrecht, the Ruppert building in science park Uithof
When: 21 Maart, 13:00

The program is to be announced!

    Mar 22

    Open Board Meeting 2


    Location: LB 5172.0804

    Are you just curious about what the board does during their weekly meetings? Or are you interested in doing a board year at Cover? Come join us during one of the open board meetings to see how we run the association day to day! How we handle problems, which parties are involved, how we interact with the university and much more!

    Join us to see all this for yourself!

    You are free to join late or leave early.

      Mar 22

      Crash & Compile


      Location: Quintor (Ubbo Emmiussingel 112, 9711 BK Groningen)

      On Thursday the 22nd of March, the annual Crash & Compile returns! The C&C is a programming competition held at Quintor where you take a drink every time your code fails. There will be ten programming exercises, each more difficult than the last, and you'll earn more points the quicker you solve them. There are prizes to win and drinks to be drunk, so sign up (in pairs) as soon as possible, as there are only 30 spaces (15 pairs)! Drinks and dinner are generously provided by Quintor, so there is no entry fee. Sign up at!

        Mar 23

        Member weekend


        Location: Wouda, Wester Es 3, 8426BJ, Appelscha

        It's time for another member weekend. Come and join us for a weekend full of eating, drinking and games! Make sure you bring you Cover friends and a good mood!

        If you want to organise a nice activity during the weekend, contact the board!

        Sign up here:

          Mar 26

          Board Interest Night

          Are you interested in doing a board year at Cover? Are you still unsure or have more questions about it? At the board interest night the current board, but also old board members from previous years will be present and available for questions. Come have a chat with them and have a beer. The setting will be casual, so if you're even slightly interested just come by and have a fun and informative evening!

            Mar 28

            Study Support: Advanced Logic


            Location: BB 5161.0289

            Once again the StudCee organizes a support lecture for advanced logic! Do you have any questions or do you simply not understand a certain topic? Join us on the 28th of March and we will walk you through the entire course content in one quick interactive crash course!

              April 2018

              Apr 03

              Study Support: Program Correctness


              Location: BB 5161.0222

              Trouble with Program Correctness? Can't seem to find the invariant? Then come to this support lecture, where we will practice for the exam. We will try to give you a different insight.

                Apr 04

                Blacklight Neon Party

                Location: 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

                The exams are getting close, and what's better during these stressful weeks than to relax and have a beer with your friends? Be sure to wear a white t-shirt that doesn't need to stay clean, we will provide neon paint!

                  Apr 10

                  Study Support: Algorithms & Data Structures in C


                  Location: BB 5161.0267

                  Struggling to understand how to structure your data? Come to the support session for ADinC where we will take you through as many exam questions as possible.

                    Apr 20



                    Location: Study Landscape (Bernoulliborg)

                    Do you like games? Do you like binging on them for an entire weekend?

                    Of course you do and we have just the thing for you: A LAN party going on for a full weekend! Come and join us at the 2018 version of everyone’s favorite event. You can bring your own computer yourself or pay a small fee to make use of the transport service to carry your desktop PCs. Alternatively, just use the consoles in the Cover room to crush fellow Cover members in whatever game you want to play. Sign up and snacks are free, and we will order dinner (also free once you pay for it). If this wasn’t enough to lure you in, we will also be organizing an adrenaline-filled tournament with amazing prizes.

                    Sign up form coming soon!

                      September 2018

                      Sep 17



                      Come and join us on the lustrum of Cover.
                      What is a lustrum you said? Well, it's the celebration of an association's birthday every 5 years.
                      Since we are going to celebrate this in the most outrageous, extravagant and escalating way, we will celebrate this not for just 1 day, not just 3 days, but for a whole week!!!
                      We will soon start with a theme announcement somewhere soon, and from then on we will slowly leak drops of awesome information.
                      So hang on, it will be LEGEN...wait for it ...DARY!!!!

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