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February 2020

Feb 05

Lunch Lecture AIVD together with FMF


Location: BB 5161.0267

Christmas break is well over and we are ready to kick off the Comexa year with an extra exciting lunch lecture! Wednesday, the 5th of February, the AIVD is coming to give us and our fellow nerds from FMF a lecture. For those that do not know this, the AIVD is the Dutch central intelligence service. Its entire existence is shrouded in secrets and mystery, so we are extra excited to have them with us as our first activity in the new year. The subject, as much of the things they do, is still a secret, but we will let you know as soon as we know. Of course, this message is only for people with level 4 security clearance. If you are below level 4 security but cán see this message, please contact your supervisor. Also, there are 20 spots so be quick to sign up. Since it is a lunch lecture, sandwiches will be provided at the end of the lecture. Hope to see you there!

The Comexa

Burn after reading

UPDATE: The room will be big enough for 45 Cover members, so claim your spot while you still can!

    Feb 05

    February Social: Emojis

    Location: 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51, 9711 PK Groningen

    February is closing in on us and that means another social is as well. Did you 💖 the Emoji movie? Have trouble saying how you feel with words😬? This social is for you🤓! Bring your favorite emotion to 't Gat, we'll bring the beer and we will make it a great night! As always, the first 150 beers will be free🍻! See you there!


    The Activitee

    Never been to a social and don't know people who go there, or just looking for some new people to talk to? We, the Activitee, are always there from 21:30. Check out our committee page to see what we look like!

      Feb 06

      Beta Business Days Startup Competition


      Location: Start-up City, Kadijk 4

      On February 6th, the Beta Business Days will organise the Startup Competition. During this competition, the University of Groningen will provide a patent that is owned by the FSE, which gives students the opportunity to work on product design and marketing/business plans based on these patents.

      The UG has many research groups that are discovering new things every day, and the effect of this is that the UG has many patents. Not all of the patents are developed into a new company or study, but they do have potential.

      The event will start at 17:00 at the Start-up City (Kadijk 4) and will end around 22:00.

      Before the competition will start, Peter Verstrate (COO at Mosa Meat) will give a presentation. Mosa Meat is a cultured meat startup, originated from a patent.

      Victor Stoica (Business Development Manager at the UG) will provide a brief explanation of the patent and the requirements and expectations of the competition. Guided by tutors, the teams will brainstorm about how to make the product, how to improve the product, who could make a prototype and who could fabricate it. At the end of the evening, every team will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and the best idea will win a prize of €400,-. Each participant of the running up team will receive a €25,- gift card.

      During the competition, coffee, tea, soda, and snacks will be provided, and there will be a dinner break. Participation is free and for all students of the FSE and TeMa. No prior experience or knowledge is required; your creative mind is enough!

      So are you curious about the business side of science and how to set up a company? Then apply in a team (4-5 students), in a pair or by yourself and join us on the 6th of February!

      Apply by emailing to

      Mention in your email:

      First and surnames
      Email addresses
      Studies and which year all participants are in

        Feb 10

        Photography Workshop


        Location: BB5161.0293

        We are organizing a photography workshop!

        Have you ever wanted to improve your photography skills? We can help you learn a trick or two. The focus of the workshop is composition. We will cover several rules that are often applied in photography. To conclude the workshop, there is a photography challenge in which you put theory into practice. The winners will receive a nice prize! smile.gif

        There will be some free drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy.
        Bring your own camera or mobile phone!

        The PhotoCee

          Feb 11

          First Years Coding Challenge


          Location: Belsimpel Groningen - Waagstraat 1. The door is in the alley between the Burger King and Van der Vel

          Belsimpel will be organising a coding challenge for first year students. The coding exercises will be tailored to the programming level of first year students. There will be free food and drinks during the event. Since its foundation in Groningen in 2008, Belsimpel has become a big part of the telecom market as a tech company. With a close-knit team of over 500 motivated, enthusiastic and honest students and professionals, including over 70 development colleagues, they go above and beyond every day to change the Mobile World. Love solving complex puzzles? Join the challenge!

          Don't forget to bring your own laptop!

            Feb 12

            Staff Lunch


            Location: Cover room (0041a)

            We would like to invite everyone to this year's Staff Lunch!

            As well as the chance to chat with a range of staff members, professors and researchers, there will be a tasty lunch buffet provided by us. We hope to see you there!

            Regards, the Board Support Committee

              March 2020

              Mar 12

              Symposium 2020

              SAVE THE DATE

              for Cover's Symposium 2020 on March 12th.

              In 2020 the symposium of study association Cover will take place in the brand new Groninger Forum! There will be multiple interesting speakers talking about the latest developments in privacy and cybersecurity. Hacking, mass surveillance and AI face recognition are some of the topics that will be discussed. Lunch and drinks will be provided and we will end the day with a borrel in the Forum. See you there!

              Go to our website for more information.


              We hope to see you there!

              The Sympocee