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May 2018

May 24

Trip to Bremen


Do you want to have an awesome three day adventure with fellow Cover members? Then join the ABCee for a trip to Bremen!

We will have a host of cool activities in this great city, including a visit to the University of Bremen. There we will visit their robotics laboratory and the Ambient Assisted Living Laboratory - BAALL
among other things. Of course, there will also be free time to explore the city.

The price will be less than 40 euros!

Interested? Sign up at!

    May 28

    Wind surfing


    Location: Hoornsemeer

    Come join us on the (hopefully) wavey, sunny, yet breezy 28th of May. We will participate in a surf clinic organised by G.S.W.V. SurfAce at the Hoornsemeer.
    For only 5 euro's, you can join in on the fun and learn with everyone else how cold the water is right now and maybe learn some wind surfing as well!

    Sign-up here:

    P.S. Don't forget to bring your sun lotion/towel/swimming clothes!

      May 28

      Candidate Board Announcement Social

      Location: De Brouwerij, Poelestraat 27

      Are you as excited as we are for the new board? Do you want to find out who will govern the association next year? Come to the candidate announcement social on the 28th of May. Not only will you found out who will call themselves board XXVII, but free drinks are guaranteed. As a bonus you get to celebrate these nice and lovely people!

        May 30



        Location: Newscafe Groningen - Waagplein 5, 9712 JZ Groningen

        Study associations Meander, EPU, ASCI, STUFF, Gerardus van der Leeuw, TW!ST, Commotie, Cover, Multi and Siduri are organising THE GALA of the year 'EsGalatie'!!!

        This is THE annual legendary gala to conclude this academic year with a huge party! Be there or be square!

        The theme is Roaring Twenties! So grab your glitter dress, boas or smoking and go party with us on swinging beats and unlimited beer, wine and soda! Ticket sale will start May 7th!

          June 2018

          Jun 01

          Staff BBQ


          Location: Field in front of the Bernouilliborg

          Looking at the lovely weather outside, it is time for the annual Staff BBQ! The barbecue will take place at the first of June. So come join us in front of the Bernouilliborg at 17.00 to mix and mingle with staff members and enjoy some nice food for only 3 euros. Sign-up at

          Hope to see you there!

            Jun 04

            General Assembly

            Location: Cafe De Walrus, Pelsterstraat 25

            The last general assembly before the summer is almost here! We'll discuss the budget and year schedule for next year, but also a revised version of the long term plan. Don't forget the candidate board is also up for approval during this GA!

            A short summary can be found below, but also please read the documents (which can be found on the sd).

            Year Schedule '18-'19

            In the year schedule you can find when activities are planned. Some of them are set on a certain date and other are just scheduled for a certain week. You can also find how many activities each committee has. This has been put together by Marie-Claire (our commissioner of internal affairs). She discussed with the various committees what works best and came to this result.

            Budget '18-'19

            This will be the budget for next year, so you can find in here how much money we have to spend and what we are going to spend it on. Because this is made by Nico (our treasurer) in collaboration with the committees, there is still some room for the treasurer of next year to make changes during the September GA. However this does not mean that this isn't important because next year we have a lot of extra money to spend! This money has been distributed over different committees and activities.

            Long Term Plan

            After discussing the first version of the long term plan during the last GA we decided to have a brainstorm with the board. During that brainstorm we got a ton of useful input and we used that input to rewrite the document. We think the current plan is solid and we can start using it. It is very important that future boards keep adding to it and updating it.

            In the long term plan we outline the goals for the next 3 to 5 years for the association. The steps on how to reach those goals are not in here because they are up to the future boards that work on it. Which also means some of these goals don't have a clear solution of how to get there, but the goals are still very important. We'd also like to stress it's important to have such a plan in place and future boards can still improve it!

            Board XXVII
            During this general assembly we will be discussing the board for next year, as well as approve them. If you want to hear who  is going to run the association for academic year 2018-2019 and why, please attend the GA.

            Since all these documents are up for approval please read the them as well before casting your vote during the GA!

              Jun 06

              June Social: A touch of tiger

              Location: 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

              The end of the year is approaching quickly, so there are only a few possibilities to have some drinks with your friends at Cover and let your inner Tiger out! Dresscode for this Social is something with Tiger/Leopard print

                Jun 09

                Hackathon @


                Location: Mediacentrale, Helperpark 270 - 298, 9723 ZA Groningen

                It's time for another hackathon! This time we will be hosted by, a vibrant young data company that specializes on indexing data from the internet.

                They will be giving us access to their vast database (data from 300 million+ websites), and it will be your job to find the best solution to a problem by using your best data science and programming skills!

                Sound interesting? Sign up at!

                Food and drinks will be taken care of, and there will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

                  Jun 15

                  Study Support: Linear Algebra & Multivariable Calculus


                  Location: BB 5161.0041b

                  Do you still have some questions about Linear Algebra? Are some topics still unclear? Join this last unofficial lecture given by other students, where we'll recap the course material, cover some example exam questions, and answer your questions too!

                    Jun 18

                    Study Support: Neural Networks


                    Location: BB 5161.0222

                    Are you straining your neural network over all the neurons, layers, perceptrons and convolutions? Do you need a quick reset of all the weights and connections, and get a fresh view on the course's contents? Join us as we go through a lecture covering all the topics that need a bit more training.

                      Jun 19

                      Study Support: Languages & Machines


                      Location: BB 5161.0222

                      Are you struggling with Languages and Machines? Come and walk through the essentials of the course once more. You can ask any questions you may have left. All to help you tackle your exam.

                        Jun 19

                        Study Support: General Linguistics


                        Location: BB 5161.0293

                        Are you twisting your tongue in phonetics or lost in the woods of syntax trees? StudCee are here to help! Join us at the 19th of June as we go over the course once more and answer any lingering linguistic questions!

                          September 2018

                          Sep 17



                          Come and join us on the lustrum of Cover.
                          What is a lustrum you said? Well, it's the celebration of an association's birthday every 5 years.
                          Since we are going to celebrate this in the most outrageous, extravagant and escalating way, we will celebrate this not for just 1 day, not just 3 days, but for a whole week!!!
                          We will soon start with a theme announcement somewhere soon, and from then on we will slowly leak drops of awesome information.
                          So hang on, it will be LEGEN...wait for it ...DARY!!!!